Every thought we think, is highly potent with capability to take physical form in our life, if we choose to do so, consciously or sub-consciously. Everything with a form that we perceive through our five senses was a thought that we manifested. This means all forms come from thoughts. Collection of thoughts is called mind.... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Moment

  The perfect moment is revealing itself and constantly seeking us, to be our eternal life. Perfect moment is always here, as it is eternal. When all moments are perfect, our life which is collection of numerous perfect moments, becomes perfect. Eternal perfection is starting point of our life and our life is meant to... Continue Reading →

Are you a mystic?

Depending on thoughts we choose, movement as spoken words are heard. Spoken words have potential of further movement as action. Action(s) as movement creates things with varying forms, shapes and sizes. These things include all that human have created on planet earth and space and can be experienced through five senses. These things are the... Continue Reading →

My Shadows

My shadow comes from me. My shadow is there because of my physical form and my abilities. All that is through me in my life, are my shadows, My shadows includes the education i acquired, the job that earns money, the money that brings my possessions, my possessions and achievements that bring pride, my earning... Continue Reading →

Awaken to Empowered Self

Before we embark on our journey to empowered self through series of podcasts titled, “Awaken to Empowered Self”, let us establish common ground by being clear about what awakening to Empowered self implies. A three step approach of “Inspire, Heal and Empower” will be used to understand how we can become embodiment of our inherent... Continue Reading →

Note to Self

I totally Awake? No, NO-T I claim NOT I expect NOT I boundless NOT I Judge NOT “I” NOT? Possibly KNOT NOT ! Note Please.

Open Eye in Darkness

If the greatest powers of the world feels powerless in moments of truth of death,   Why seeking the power that intimidates truth of death is not an immediate and top priority of human life? Is a human life wielding greatest power and yet powerless not an open eye in darkness?


Quantifiable by any means? If yes, It is not your Essence Not at ALL ! Power, Money, Affluence Age, Awards, Honors Body, House, Toys. "Anything with FORM Is a products of time."  All FORMS expires Time Consumes what it produces "Timeless is your essence, Discover yourself, Find the greatest Treasure That you ARE!"

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