The Silent Charity

Most of us are only aware of their physical dimension. Let us call this first dimension. Majority of us live in physical dimension and see the world as physical world with a shape, form and size. Charity is considered giving of physical things, including money to the needy. Physical charity is instrumental in physical well-being of humanity and much needed all the time.


We all are involuntarily participating in another charity, irrespective of our social status or material wealth. We add value to existence of humans on earth through this silent charity.

We humans also exist in many other dimensions of the mind. The most relevant dimension to this post is our existence in dimension called “thoughts”. Thoughts that we dwell in day and night. Let us call thoughts as second dimension of existence.

Our thoughts determines who we you, whereas our physical existence determines what we are.  

If we believe we can hide your thoughts, we are gravely mistaken. Our thoughts are silently shared with rest of the world. There are two types of thoughts. Thoughts that have manifested and thoughts that have not manifested yet.

  1. Manifested thoughts

The first category of thoughts are the ones that manifest as words, actions and habits visible to others. Thoughts are the seeds that over time will grow into plants that bear either sweet fruits, fragrant flowers or thorns and bitters fruits. Seeds germinate under right conditions, to form a plant.  Forming of a plant from a seed is an autonomous process. So is the process of our thoughts manifesting as us beyond our physical existence is autonomous. We might be the mightiest (what I am) human on planet earth, yet without right thoughts (who I am) we might be the weakest, pathetic, miserable human on earth. Without right thoughts, our presence might not be enough to attract and engage others. Therefore we rely on physical things of the first dimension to make our presence felt.

We should carefully choose what we plant in our mind in form of thoughts, as through our words, actions and habits we add value to this world.

  1. Non-Manifested thoughts

What about the thoughts that have not turned into actions yet? Are these thoughts harmful to anyone?

The universe is composed of five primary elements that makes up everything including human beings. These five elements are earth, water, fire, air or wind and aether or void. Aether that appears as empty space we see all around us and exists in rest of the universe is actually reservoir of abundant energy including thoughts that either pass through your or get stored in you.

Energy has no language, so do thoughts. There is insurmountable exchange and transformation of energy in the creation, including between humans. Energy in form of thoughts is exchanged between human minds, whether one is sleeping, awake or doing something. This silent communication without a language is beyond the bandwidth of first dimension – physical dimension. Physical body is merely a means to survive, whereas each human strives to evolve. Evolution is innate nature of humans. Evolution is plausible due to human existence in second dimension. The first dimension is an extension of second dimension of human. What you transmit and what you decide to retain in form of thoughts, determines your value in evolution of humans on planet earth.

The more we fill this space called aether with thoughts of peace, love and gratitude. The more we will see the same in the world around us. We need to make a conscious effort to be of value to evolution of human mind and increase the likely hood of a transformation in self and others by offering priceless and timeless charity of our thoughts.

Involuntarily Silent charity of thoughts does not require our permission. Let us contribute consciously during our existence as human on planet earth.


3 thoughts on “The Silent Charity

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  1. The second para is not even close to the question that asks for the non acting thoughts., it doesn’t answer anything relevant.
    If, well it’s sheer stupidity to debate on thoughts, one wants to would be a desperate effort to ego complacency. MANNEY KI GATT KAHI NA JAAYE.
    The effort should be made to delabelize of everything, even yourself, but it’s hard😁😁, you have to feel important even if nobody thinks about yourself. It is a chronic disorder which has turned into pleasure.


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