An Infinite mind in awe – Gurmukh

When a system fulfills its purpose, it becomes extinct, transforms or paves way for a newer system.  Every system, be it a school system, political system, economic system, religious or spiritual system that exists today did not always exist (past) and will not always exist (in future). Impermanence of systems created by finite minds leaves no... Continue Reading →



If water never evaporated, attached to the ocean there will be no expansion, no clouds   If clouds never let go the water, attached to the sky there will be no rain, only parched desert   If we claim to know it all, attached to pride there will be no heightened awareness, no joy  ... Continue Reading →

Art of life

To see Sun, in a ray of light, To see desert, in a grain of sand, To hold sky, in palm of your hand, To see an ocean, in a drop of water, To live eternity, in a moment of time, To see earth, sky and sea, in a grain of wheat. To see the... Continue Reading →


“Amok, Unaware You live, you die You live, you die again and again”   “The horse of your thoughts rides away from light deep into darkness”   “For eons you never pulled reins of your horse”   “You are being looted in broad daylight In name of Pride, attachment pleasure, guilt, sin, lust, God” The... Continue Reading →

To Paradise

Joy is your path to you Sweet is your essence Beauty is your friend Peace is your present Grace is your destiny Bliss is your home Arrive !

You are free

Look up even in the darkest times There is a star in the sky day and night “Star of hope is above your head” Vast and open like Sky “You are free” Live, not die before your time Live, not die before your time


Last breath is not mine Nor was the first   I wonder Why I feared Death?   In-between, before-after First And last breath Is My Dharma   “To tread narrow trails of life soaked in fragrant flower of awareness - my essence”

How to live without worrying?

We often confuse attachment with love. When responsibility is married with ownership, attachment is born. When ownership is divorced from responsibility it becomes love. When we do things without ownership, expectations and desired outcomes, we free ourselves from worry and pain. When we learn to do things out of love, we start loving our children, our work, people and everything life has to offer.

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