An Infinite mind in awe – Gurmukh

When a system fulfills its purpose, it becomes extinct, transforms or paves way for a newer system.  Every system, be it a school system, political system, economic system, religious or spiritual system that exists today did not always exist (past) and will not always exist (in future). Impermanence of systems created by finite minds leaves no room for fearlessness, non-discrimination and awe struck. Our body is one such impermanent system that we deal with all the times. Non-acceptance of impermanence of our body is a sure sign of a finite mind or Manmukh1.


Let us explore how a finite mind or Manmukh can transform into an infinite mind or Gurmukh2

Human body is the most amazing, complex and wonderful system at your disposal. Our bodies are small-scale replica of the cosmos. This system breathes air in and out, pumps bloods through miles of arteries and veins, digests food to convert different foods into blood, flesh and bones, heal internal organs and outside skin. Our body is a system that can drink, eat, sleep, walk, talk, run, breathe, digest, reproduce, survive and perform multitude of activities. Human body is a system that can think, act and survive because of another system called mind. A mind so powerful that it appears to be our master. Unware due to fallacies of our finite thinking, a mind is not the supreme master, as the mind did not create itself. Mind is the womb from which systems are created to sustain life that either change, transform or become extinct over due course of time. Below the limited mind are all systems that transpire through mind and above every system mind creates is ONE eternal system all the times. The eternal system is “The non-discriminating, omnipresent, eternal and formless cosmic law or Hukam3”.

When all the body parts and organs come together in very particular ordain, the heart pumps, the lungs inhale and exhale in a rhythmic pattern, our bodies made of five elements, is collection of various organs, including our powerful limited mind because of eternal cosmic law. Life, including human life is result of eternal cosmic law. A mind that acknowledges the one eternal cosmic law and tries to abide by it opens itself to possibility of transformation from finite mind to infinite mind, from Manmukh to Gurmukh.

The “one eternal cosmic law – Hukam” governs through constant change by transformation of every element of this universe. All systems are elements of the universe that collectively form what we perceive as the universe. The “one eternal cosmic law – Hukam” is applicable at the macroscopic and microscopic level to everything in our life. Recognition of this governance is of essence, without which life remains a mystery, a puzzle that takes mind in a downward spirals to utter confusion and feeling of insecurity, fear and pain in the most obscure manner. With recognition and obedience of “one eternal cosmic law – Hukam”, birth, life and even death becomes a miraculous happening filled with awe.

All systems operate within the “one eternal cosmic law – Hukam”, the master system above all the systems, run by one and only one master. Those who believe they are creators of systems are unware of the “one eternal cosmic law – Hukam” or the one master. They take credit for something that is merely happening through them and is not theirs. On other end of spectrum are those who believe their lives are governed and dependent on these systems. They worship so called makers of the system and heads of the system. They cling on to these systems as means of their survival, unaware of the “one eternal cosmic law – Hukam” governing all systems. Creators, believers, followers and worshippers of systems other than the master system are of finite minds or Manmukhs.

Those who are not only aware but are imbued in “one eternal cosmic law – Hukam” speak and live by eternal truth. They are enlightened ones and do not identify with a system and are at peace with all systems. They are aware of permanence of “one eternal cosmic law – Hukam” and impermanence of all other systems, thus they recognize Maya or illusion. Because they live by “one eternal cosmic law – Hukam”, they are true and their words are true. These are infinite minds or Gurmukhs.

If we like to recognize and be imbued in “one eternal cosmic law – Hukam”, it requires a Guru. As this is a transformation of the finite mind to infinite mind, the Guru needs to be infinite. Such a Guru is Shabad (wisdom). A Guru provides tools and methods. We as individuals have to take the steps by using the tools and methods. With tools and methods from Guru, depending upon size and scope of a system, we learn to zoom out creating so-called broader perspective or heightened awareness. Thus, raises the possibility of becoming aware of the eternal cosmic law. Further, it offers the possibility of be imbued or one with “one eternal cosmic law – Hukam”. Abiding by “one eternal cosmic law – Hukam” offers a perspective in which all systems cease to be living in the mind. Thus freeing one from a false identity or Maya that comes from association with a system. Thus, making a system’s output cherish able fruit to savor. In other words, when one is freed from Maya, one remains in material world without drowning in it.

There is no issue with any impermanent system at any time. Recognition and acceptance of impermanence is must, otherwise it creates duality. Example of duality is claiming to be a fearless and not acting like one. Every impermanent system evolves over time as a hallmark of opportunity for evolution of finite mind. Undesirable output of a system is in fact catalyst for evolution of finite mind. Living by the principle that “more is better, more is success” in an undesirable output from life. It creates desire for more output from impermanent finite systems to meet individual wants. The “more” is in fact brings to surface the finite nature of a system. More of material things or more knowledge in religious and spiritual systems is in fact gratification of the ego part of the limited mind.

As long as the mind identifies with any impermanent system, it remains finite and false. A finite mind is like a caged bird in dark room with no windows, unware of the vast open infinite skies. A finite mind is ultimately supposed to realize that more is actually less when it becomes free and enters vast open skies of infinite awareness. This realization is step towards transformation from finite to infinite. This realization evaporates ego part of the mind to live by the principle of “less is better, less is success”. Less here, does not imply getting rid of whatever we have of material or non-material worlds. Less means no matter how much we have in form of materials or knowledge that are output of a finite and impermanent system, it will always be less in front of infiniteness of “one eternal cosmic law – Hukam”. Thus, by living truth all the times, one remains humble and kind.

Manmukh: Mann is mind. A mind symbolic of lust, anger, attachment, greed, ego. Mukh is face. One who follows their mind is Manmukh

Gurmukh: Gur is Guru. One who follows their Guru in form of omnispresent “Shabad (wisdom)” is Gurmukh








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