Senseless Greed

Senseless greed Does not make sense To the sensible   Fire of greed Burns the wood first Before engulfing Everything in its vicinity   Greed of Social acceptance Social privileges Social power Social success And All other social norms Is slow poisoning Of humanity  


Hope for humanity

When man and God are one There is neither a God nor a man   When man separates from God Man is born and so is God   Until Man does not return into God Man remains defending or disapproving God   Both defiance and disapproval of God Is evidence of separation – The very... Continue Reading →

Light of darkness

O’ dear friend of open minds Many who worship death Of humanity and humanness Light of darkness it spreads A lamp that is not lit Darkness it spreads Is still a lamp Those who sleep and abide darkness In daylight (time between birth and death) Dread arrival of night (death) Darkness Deep dark is their life... Continue Reading →


Without knowing when I know I knot, waiver, slander   Anchored to my own knowing I drift into oblivion   As universe anchored to infinite I stay steadfast, glorious   When grace of the ONE decides Mountains of “I” dissolve in ocean of love   Beautiful!


When a drop is in ocean There is no drop   When the drop separated Ocean existed   We were whole We were truth Now We are a fragment Claiming to be whole Expecting to be treated As whole   Pure Insanity!   One day Sanity will embrace us   Truth seeks truth What is... Continue Reading →


I need no Pearls No Diamonds Rubies do not blind any more Precious is the crown of awareness well beyond walls of time Each experience is a pearl each lesson a diamond Wisdom shines bright above everything else With pride, I wear crown of awareness lest it falls down, I cry and die I am not... Continue Reading →

My Mind Against ME?

“Terms” are outfits weaved by ego No matter what outfit we wear It does not change the person inside Social class we struggle to fit Success we engulf in fear Eliteness we swallow dear Social class, success or Eliteness A mind that wears bloats in pride The dance goes on and around Circular direction leads... Continue Reading →

Free Will

Greedy Man keeps taking God keeps giving to his Son Freedom he asked He was given “Free will”   Soon he realized He left wisdom behind Free he was to choose Turning back was not his choice   Without wisdom       Free Will became Slavery for the Man – Pain to him and to others... Continue Reading →

Who Am I?

If we need to go to places, it requires we move from one point to another. We can either walk, run or fly. There is another movement happening inside us with or without physical movement. This movement is essence of our individual existence that determines our journey while we have physical body and when we... Continue Reading →

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