Is a beautiful concept.

Concealed under


Powers of soul-less mind.


Liberty dares,

To shatter the mold of time.

Crack open the code of beauty



O’ beautiful mind,

Beyond visible eye,

Explore the beauty inside.



Is shadow of the invisible truth.

If beauty can be held,

In thoughts of time, form and space,

It is merely,

A colorful illusion of soul-less mind.


Face to face,

With eternity of Soul-full mind,


Holds no ground.


Beauty is

Beyond the realm of

Time, form and space.

Beauty begins,

Where Soul-less mind ends.


Beautiful human body

A container made of dirt

Day and night afraid of death.


However beautiful,

Attractive, exotic, sensual

Container of dirt might be

Without beauty-in-content

Dirt meets dirt to be dirt

Insatiable lust


What matters

Is the matter inside.

A beautiful soul-full mind,

Fountain of ambrosial nectar of beauty

Beyond Time, form and space



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