A Beautiful Dream

If we see things as right or wrong, it implies we have lost our ability to see ourselves in what we see. To know truth about self and everything else, that does not appear as self, we need to stand outside of what is right or wrong to see ourselves in what we see. Standing outside of self will reveal to us the fragmentation of self that appears as us versus rest of the world. When we stand outside of either side, we will see two of us, one being right and the other being wrong.


Are there two of you or me? No, it should not be? No, there should be only one of you or me. Choose your answer with utmost honesty to know. If there is only one, of you, or me it means for me to categorize something as right or wrong is shortsightedness or lack of wholeness.


Separated from the whole, we see fragments of the whole. This causes unbearable pain to others and us because what we miss the grandeur of life. One will not know what they are fighting over a fragment, as long as they do not know by becoming whole.


Missing the grandeur of life is pitiful. Being fragmented is like watching the sky through window of our identity formulated as result of information gathered through five senses stored in memory, called knowledge. No matter how big life appears through the window of identity, it will never be the whole life. Each fragment in our life will appear as right, wrong, good, and bad as we fail to see the whole. Fragmented state of living is a dream state. A dream we live without any end. A dream is real, as long as we are not awake. In our dream even if someone tells us we are in a dream, we will still not know we are in a dream. This is exactly the state we are in – in a dream due to fragmentation of the whole. A dream in which we are at receiving end, silently calling for help. We are afraid to call aloud for help, as it might wake us up. Thus, we suffer silently in lavishness of our wealth-filled life. The poor see lavishness as end of their suffering as the poor cannot hear silent wailing of the rich or so called lucky people. No one seems to listen or understand us. How will others listen or understand us, if they are also in a dream? A dream in which everything appears real. A dream in which everyone is chasing something.


In a dream, things happen to us. In a dream, we do not know why things are happening to us. In a dream, we know all about others and nothing about self. In a dream, others are doing things to us. In a dream, we are afraid of each other. In a dream, we do not know why things happen the way they happen. In a dream, we do not have a choice. In a dream, we are helpless. In a dream, fear reigns supreme. In a dream, we never have enough. In a dream, we feel alone surrounded by others. In a dream, have questions, no answers. In a dream, there is no rest or peace. In a dream, life remains a mystery. If our life is filled with above attributes, we are definitely calling this dream our life.


We do wake up from this dream from time to time and then go back to dream state again. We wake up when something terrible happens in our dream. We talk about God, truth, honesty, kindness, nobleness, charity and all such things. We talk about detachments, our false beliefs and impermanence of life. As soon as the terrible incident wears off, we fall asleep again into dream state. These moments are few and far in-between.


Only when we are awake on permanent basis, we will know we were in a dream. Until then, everything appears real. Our life is spent building stronger attachments to things we own, including our families, our children and our bodies that are impermanent. Our identities from our need to belong to a nation, religion, corporations, political parties and many other such groups reigns supreme, that are also impermanent.


In dream state things appear to be what they are not. This makes everything unreal. Two things makes things unreal as explained below

  1. The things with and without shape, form and size that we can touch, feel, hear, sense and smell do exist. What makes them unreal is our inability to accept the impermanence of their existence, thus taking them for guaranteed source of our eternal happiness. Reliance on impermanence renders our inside shallow, as we do know all that we have acquired so far, is meant to slip away one day. Though we have what we have, yet we do not have it. This paradox of our possessions makes it impossible to cherish what we have. Inevitably, this is a dream state.
  2. The things with and without shape, form and size that we can touch, feel, hear, sense and smell appear to be what we think they are and not what they are. Therefore, it makes what we see unreal if we do not know the real purpose of it. Take for example, the purpose of sexual intimacy between a man and woman is to reproduce for creation to sustain itself. If we see this sacred union as a means to fulfill insatiable lust, there will never be any fulfillment or happiness. Rather the hunger will increase. All this only happens in a dream as we know the truth and yet ignore it very well knowing the consequences.


When we are awake, duality ceases to exist, as there is no right, no wrong, no good, no bad, and just whole or the truth. Whole is inclusiveness, without any separation. Without separation, there is no other to look at. If there is no other, there is no duality.  There simply IS – the truth that cannot be described in words as we are inside truth like a drop in an ocean. However, we can be the truth.


All that is in a dream IS NOT. Only that IS NOT can be described. Everything that is outside the dream IS. Then, what is the point of describing the dream? Following conversation between a master and disciple illustrates the need to describe the dream.


Disciple, “If what IS cannot be described, then what is being described?”
Master, “Obviously what IS NOT”
Disciple, “Then why should I listen to you?”
Master, “You should listen very carefully when I describe what IS NOT, so that you don’t hold onto what IS NOT. So that you can wake up from your dream,” The master continued, “So that you do not claim to be awake while fast asleep dreaming.”
Disciple, “What about peace, bliss, joy, enlightenment?”
Master, “All these are also part of IS NOT that is why you are asking.”

Long silence followed as the two looked at each other.


We are not a fragment; we are the truth, separated from the truth in a dream. In this state, there is no life, only a dream. A long dream across cycles of birth and death. When we are whole, we are permanent with no birth and death. Impermanent is our time between a birth and a death. Any reliance on impermanence can never fulfill an eternal being.



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