Rivers of Grace

Those who are awake,

Are flowing rivers of grace.

Followed by oceans of wisdom.


Those who are awake

Hold onto nothing,

Neither knowledge nor bliss,

Not even their bodies.


Those who are awake,

Are without shadows,

Of past or future thoughts

They are the light of Now.


No fire of life can burn them.

No weapons of intellect can cut them.

No water of emotions can drown them.


Those who are awake

Miracles flows through them.

They are trailblazers,

Without expectations.

Thus, they cannot be deceived.


Those who are awake,

Bow to grace greater than,

Their own comprehension.

A force that runs everything.

Thus, they are never worried.


Now, the real question.

What does being awake mean?


Word awake is like light.

The Light could be of a lamp,

A star, moon or a sun.

Yet, the difference is stark,


Light emitted by a lamp,

Compared to light of a Sun.


Those who are awake,

Do not bow to a lamp,

The Sun bows to the Sun



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