Awakening to one universal truth


Who likes to wake up from a dream?

Definitely, those who do not like to live in separation from the truth and suffer in dream state called life. Definitely, not many who like to give up a dream to wake up to the truth. The truth that governs the whole existence and is formless, timeless, and boundless. The truth that is not yours or mine. The truth to which everything belongs. Everything is part of one universal truth. Only one universal truth is immortal.


The truths we fight for are our individual truths. The individual truth stands as long as we fight for it. Let us be clear, the truth to which we all belong, actually fights for us, and no matter who we are, it does not discriminate, judge or harm. We might fight against the truth; it does not fight back. The truth supports our waking up from dream state to be alive all the times. The one within us who fights the truth is our egoist mind when we are in dream state.  The truth is one universal truth that is from itself, governs itself and everything else. The one universal truth is formless, timeless, and boundless. Peace, joy, bliss and enlightenment are born from the one universal truth. Therefore, no words can describe peace, joy, bliss, and enlightenment. When expressed through words or other forms, peace, joy, bliss and enlightenment cease to exist, as one universal truth is not past. What is past does not exist. As long as we hold onto peace, joy, bliss and enlightenment, we are not one universal truth.


What is path to one universal truth?

The one universal truth is actually the path itself. One universal truth is the guru who leads unto itself without curtailing our freedom to choose not to follow it. There is only “one eternal Guru who is whole” that is door unto itself. All other paths, except one universal truth are paths of separation, pain and suffering.


All vices in form of lust, anger, attachment, greed and ego arise to lead when we live from the level of egoist mind. Only mind is capable of separation. This might appear as bad news that mind is cause of separation. Hold on, there cannot be any bad news; there is simply news once the whole in form of one universal truth reveals itself. The mind is capable of wholeness when not separated. Therefore, what really matters is choice. Choice to stay with a fragment or embrace the whole. Choice to be lead by individual truth or one universal truth. Separation is pain and wholeness is joy. The journey from pain to joy is waking up from the dream called life. Let us dive into the journey of wholeness from fragmentation. The journey to one universal truth from our truths.


Mind is a magnet attracts what it desires. Desires are hidden thoughts that do not appear in any form or shape, until manifested and thus remain unnoticed. Magnetization is arrogance that comes from all the learning that appear as knowledge forming identity called ego. Ego is operation of the mind based on information gathered through five senses stored in memory of the mind. Memory is outdated the moment it is stored as information. All that we are able to store in memory and process through mind, becomes our individual truth. Individual truth is not formless, timeless, and boundless. Individual truth constantly changes as information gathered through five senses is updated. Present moment is the only valid time or moment. This implies anything we hold onto even in form of so-called knowledge is past. Past does not exist and holding onto something that does not exist is insanity or dream. In a dream state, our truth changes to adapt to so called new realities formed as result of flow of information through five senses. Frequent information updates keeps mind engaged for long durations of time in processing and sorting information. This leaves hardly any energy and time to actual application and implementation of the stored information to know its validity. Validation requires decisions pinned to discerning power to choose what serves the us and rest of the world towards salvation. Thus, the part of the mind with discerning power or supreme wisdom remains un-invoked. If not invoked, the supreme wisdom approaches extinction as evident from manifestation of five vices, namely lust, anger, greed, attachment and pride. This, in dream state, we rely on authenticated sources .i.e. other people to lead the charge to perform validity check.


Over time, our mind capable of insurmountable potential is covered with layers and layers of stored information that we identify with. Identification with individual truth bound by time, place and form is known as ego – the command center operating our life and we stand to protect it under the illusion that our existence depends on it. Identification with ego, renders mind incapable to any everlasting transformation into its highest form not bound by any limits to be one with the universal truth. A mind that at one point was capable of being peace, joy and unperturbed state, suffers in a dream state.  Suffering is constantly failed pursuits to be peace, joy and be unperturbed under all situations.


If layers and layers of knowledge forming identities falls off, the mind becomes free to transform into what is commonly referred as soul in form of supreme wisdom that emanates from inside. Thus one universal truth as peace, joy, and unperturbed state appear. No amount of effort is required to be peace, joy or unperturbed, when we allow one universal truth to guide us unto itself.


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