I am your life

I am your life.

No need to explain me.

No book contains me.

I have no religion,

No race, no nationality.

I am not success, nor failure.

I am not masculine, nor feminine.

I am not born, nor do I die.

I am unknown, without you.

Listen to me speak.

Listen sincerely!


I am your life.

I am lonely without you.

I am all yours.

Live me.

Live me through self-exploration.


I am your life.

I will remain unknown.

Not knowing me is bliss


Embrace unknown about me.

You will be curious, aware and alert.


Your five senses,

Will remain engaged all the times –

In seeking, in living.

No dull moment will remain.

You will start living me.

The unknown will set you free.


Free of all burdens!

Burden of proving to others.

Burden of being right.

Burden of being knowledgeable.

Burden of conforming to

Traditions, beliefs and normalcy.

Unknown I am.

I am your life.


Live me once.

To live always.


I am your life.

I love you.

I miss you.

Do you miss me?

Do you love me?




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