Often we do not seek what is imminent, as it will shatter our illusions about our pain and suffering like a deck of cards. The greatest irony of human life is under utilization of brain capable of immense potential to demystify the mysterious game of life. When we play game of life without understanding the rules of life, it causes foul play. All pains, frustrations, anger, disappointments and unfulfilled desires are an indication of our foul play. Not knowing the rules, we seek answers where they do not lie. When we live life as pain and happiness, originating from outside of us, we do not understand fundamental rules of life. Our life is from inside and not from outside.


It is insane to play a sport without knowing the rules and causing total embarrassment to our own abilities. Without being aware of rules of a sport, our unmatched talent, skills, endurance and strength go wasted. Our life is one such sport governed by unwritten rules that we simply need to be aware of before we put our energy and resources in form of our life to use.


Our life as human is a rare gift that we have earned among billions of living beings on this planet. Potential of human life is unmatched and unsurpassed by any other species known to humankind. Yet, few human have figured out life by understanding rules governing human life. We have mistakenly called these humans beyond their times. In fact, these humans realized total potential of their life in their time on earth. Whereas, we unware of the rules of life are in a limbo on earth waiting for a miracle by these saints, prophets and Gurus to demystify our lives. We are waiting for someone to explain to use our own life. Saints, prophets and Gurus have already demystified human life by living a demystified life that we perceive as miraculously impossible to live. Thus, we are not living in our time. We live is our past of anger, frustration, disappointments and unfilled desires or in a promissory future, that we are not sure will arrive. This is the very source of our life outside of us in form of happiness and pain.


We make outward effort to bring about a change, to fulfill our desire(s) and thus we become happy. When our efforts do not yield desired outcome we are in pain. Thus, we waiver between happiness and pain originating from outside of us because of our efforts. For example, if we with our hard earned money were to upgrade our car from a 20,000 dollar Chevy to 80,000 dollar Cadillac, we created a change. The change also brought in appreciation, acceptance and praise from within our social circle. This in turn made us happy. In other words we created happiness from outside of us by bring about a change. We can bring numerous such changes that result in happiness from outside driven by our desire of more. The opposite is also true. When our efforts do not yield desired outcome, we experience pain. Our pain comes from disparage, rejection and criticism from within our social circle. As we multiply our efforts and increase the amplitude of our outward efforts, we weave a complex web of happiness and pain that originates from outside of us, as result of outward changes we bring about.


The key point is that we bring about an outward change. We consider ourselves a change agent whose mission is to change what is outside of change agent. There is no consideration for inner transformation, though unaware we do bring about undesired and unintentional inner transformation. As inner transformation is not our focus, we fail to understand shortly experienced bliss. All humans at their core are seeking bliss as result of inner transformation, totally disillusioned by their outward happiness creation.


All changes outside of us are impermanent, yet falsified notion of success as a measure of creating happiness outside of us drives us to wake up every morning to either create new outward change(s) to bring in more happiness or protect happiness that is non-sustainable without our constant efforts. This surrounds us with people like us who are apt at creating outward changes where two-faced coins of happiness and pain are traded pompously.


Rules of game of life might be unwritten, but being played all the times. We are well aware of rules of life in form of our experiences and those of others spoken and written many times over. Let us remember by focusing on three basic rules of life.


Rule no.1: Happiness we seek outside of us by bringing about a change, does not last forever. Most of us know this rule, yet we seek outwardly because we are unware of immense human potential to transform internally into eternal happiness called bliss.


Rule no. 2: We Humans are immortals living under falsified notion of mortality. Thus, we seek all that is impermanent in form of happiness (pain comes along) outside of us. Refer to blogpost, “An infinite mind in awe – Gurmukh” (


Rule no. 3: Inner transformation brings eternal happiness in form of bliss. When we seek to realize full potential of human life, our personal thoughts transform from a limited self to unlimited self. Inner transformation effortlessly changes our outward life for well-being of others.


It is never too late to start from the basics of life before investing our own precious life in matters that do not matter on our eternal journey to realize full potential of human life. Let us focus on rule no. 3 about inner transformation. When we bring about outward changes, it changes what we associate ourselves with, not us. Due to falsified notion of association of our life with tangible and intangible things that we change to possess, we believe we are changing. Outward changes in our life to bring about happiness result in fear knowing impermanent nature of happiness as pain accompanies. Fear from the knowing that everything outside of us is impermanent is like building a concrete house on flowing water to live in with family and children.


Inner transformation is permanent as it originates from what is permanent in form of eternal truth. Eternal truth is the one that is true for eons, true in this moment and will remain to be true in future. No effort on our part is required to create what already exists. All it requires is awareness, acknowledgement and implementation on individual basis. Awareness of eternal truth is the Sun whose light from which all others truths as flickering lamps that provide us light origin. When we are aware of eternal truth and associate with it, our limited thoughts transform into unlimited thoughts. Thoughts without limits is the freedom all humans seek that realize our full potential as immortal beings. Thoughts without limits opens us up to all possibilities, no outward expectations knowing all that we see is impermanent and rids our reliance on outwardly impermanence, turning attention inwards to become aware of inner self. Our inner self that is no different from the origin of creation, making us one with the one from which whole creation originated, sustains and merges back into all the times. This fills our life with vigor and vitality unmatched by any outside tangible or non-tangible impermanent source. Such a state of being is beyond words as words are impermanent. Without impermanent words, something that is eternal cannot be described, yet we call it bliss for conversation sake.


In a state of bliss, we are very free of our past of anger, frustration, disappointments and unfilled desires and of a promissory future. This is possible through inner transformation for which realization of human potential is a catalyst that transforms limited thoughts to unlimited thoughts. We humans are born to seek what is so imminent yet it eludes us in darkness of our efforts to create happiness from outside. It is never late on our eternal quest for bliss through life and death of the body.





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