Yes. Yes. Yes. The daredevil mind That can stand nature In embrace of The omnipresent truth Awakens to "Nothing belongs to me I owe nothing" Is stripped of thoughts of "me, mine and yours" forever!



Attachment (moh) is the cause of our sufferings. Attachment makes us dotty due to our reliance on illusion (Maya). Maya is our reliance on impermanent human life and all impermanence our life pursuits earn. As such core of our doings is filled with expectations and desires for some sort of return. When our desires or... Continue Reading →


Curiosity - Throne of an open mind Questions - Pillars of the wise Humility - Empty bowl (mind) of a Buddha Words - Footprints of inner peace   Rich - The man whose soul is awake   Actions - Nourishment like a quiet river   Blessed - The eye that can recognize “The Rich one”... Continue Reading →

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