Attachment (moh) is the cause of our sufferings. Attachment makes us dotty due to our reliance on illusion (Maya). Maya is our reliance on impermanent human life and all impermanence our life pursuits earn. As such core of our doings is filled with expectations and desires for some sort of return. When our desires or expectations are not met, we feel betrayed, fooled or cheated in our mind. This self-diminishing process brings about frustration and anger, because we fail to understand the reason for being betrayed, fooled or cheated. From here continues downward spiral towards self-erosion of our highest self, where fear, worry, hatred and anxiety sprout like weeds in garden of our beautiful mind.


This is story of human mind in attachment. Not a lovely story, but the most common and popular story on earth that repeats itself each time human mind in attachment is guiding a life.


Shakespeare was a master craftsman at elevating tragic human sufferings so vividly that people were compelled to read his plays and discuss gleefully. Wonder why people like to discuss suffering without seeking salvation from sufferings? Wonder why Shakespeare’s plays are so popular? Is it because Shakespeare tells stories of tragic love, treachery, betrayal and sabotage of human mind in attachment like no one else. For a good reason Shakespeare has said, “Hell is empty and all the devils are here”. Audience feels it is their story being played in front of their eyes. Audience associate themselves with characters in the plays and in these moments of attachment turn from audience to real character on the stage. Suffering does sell and can make your popular as you touch people through their mind in attachment. Shakespeare’s plays are a classic example of how human mind in attachment loves to glorify sufferings. As such it normalizes sufferings, therefore we become unaware that we are under dark spell of our mind in attachment at helm.


For the obvious question to arise at this point about way to salvation from suffering, we have to be honest and truthful with ourselves by acknowledging our true state of being, dropping all facades the deter us from moving towards detachment. Detachment does not imply physically leaving family, friends and all we have earned so far. To leave the material world and move to an ashram or Himalayas permanently is similar to learning to swim by leaving the waters. This is a forceful, painful and crude way of detachment that does detach one physically from the materialism under the pretext that our suffering arise from materialism. The reality is our suffering arises from thoughts of ownership of materials of materialistic world. One whose mind is freed of thoughts of ownership remains detached in material world without physically leaving for another place.

Detachment shall emanate from understanding of ultimate truth of universe (Braham), of which our life is a tiny part.  Detachment means to be physically in this world, with attention (Dhyan) in the ONE who guides us towards freeing of mind from thoughts of ownership. All thoughts of ownership is ego (Haume`). When one abides by the truth, one is freed of all illusions of reliance on impermanence. Question of ownership does not arise, when one understands life.


Let us understand how thoughts of ownerships take birth in our mind causing suffering. “This universe is a magnificent house of the creator who is the ONLY owner of this house. The house is constantly changing, transforming and evolving, thus impermanent with a beginning and thus an end. The only absolute constant is the eternal owner that is permanent, all else is impermanent, including creation of the creator. The owner/creator is like hub of a wheel that holds the wheel as one.” This is the truth, the braham. A mind not imbued in this truth is prone to catching illusions and becoming reliant on impermanence of materialism, thus suffering.  Water, wind and fire are hands of the owner of the owner who has arranged galaxies, solar systems, planets and suns. One of the rooms in this house is earth. On earth there is abundance of food, water, resources and amenities of all sorts for every life form. The owner of this house has put things in place and rearranges them to keep this house conducive to healthy life forms. Most times we fail to understand the orderly fashion in which life happens on earth, appearing to us disorderly and a discomforting chaos. Lack of our understanding gives rise to such painful questions. Those who raise questions to understand, instead of blaming someone else are lead to the truth by the truth.

We as humans have entered this house as guests at discretion of the owner of the house. Host of this house is graceful, kind and generous. Every guest is served, fed, nourished, comforted and taken care of without any cost from pocket of the guest. The guest feels grateful, comfortable and worry free as long as he recognizes the owner of the house. The moment the guest forgets about the owner of the house, life of the guest turns upside down. When the guest starts feeling like the owner in illusionary absence of the real owner, the guest starts taking ownership of impermanence that instills thoughts of fear in mind.

The rare guests who remains a guest and serves the truth whereby his mind is always imbued in the truth, thus remains detached from thoughts of ownership or egoist thoughts. Thoughts of truth sets his mind free of all sufferings caused by illusion of ownership. Thus he cherishes blessings and grace of the owner of the house remaining blissful, loving and kind. The guest avails grace, kindness and generosity and pays back by remaining grateful. The guest honors order of the house, takes on virtues of owner and leaves the house joyfully leaving the house a little better when he/she arrived. Those who understand the privilege of being in house of the creator are never angry, jealous, discontent and remains detached. Such a guest remains responsible, yet unattached like lotus in a swamp to things, praise, blame,







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