Alcohol and drugs

Are most obvious intoxicants

Known to my mind.


There are intoxicants

Worse than Alcohol and drugs


Like a dagger in a cloak.


Intoxication makes me blind.


Attachment is the biggest intoxicant


My mind intoxicated

In peace, bliss, truth is feeble

In attachment with intoxicants so nice.


Life is not peace. Life is not chaos.

Life is not truth. Life is not lie.

Life is not bliss. Life is not pain.

Life is not moksha. Life is not attachments.


I know all this, and I know a whole lot more.

I do NOT know the Unknown.


Words of wisdom about life are my alibi.

Yet, I still do not understand life

As I have not experienced the Unknown


Life is UNKNOWN.

How can I

Describe, understand, accept or reject life and of life?


As a solo traveler I describe the path

That becomes known to me.

Read my words with caution,


The Unknown will be always more

Than what I know.

My knowing will collide with your knowing

We will not be friends anymore


I suggest

Trust the unknown, not my knowing

We will be friends forever.



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