Truth is Freedom

We often hear that Truth can set us free. Deep down we all want to be free. Though, this innate, innermost, supreme desire or seeking might not have fully manifested in our living yet. Depending on degree of manifestation of supreme desire to be free in our life, our capability to be aware, observe and absorb the omnipresent truth, varies. Every human being is an archetype of Omnipresent Truth, meant to set us free. For this reason we all share same destiny of Salvation.

To become aware of the supreme desire to be free is first step towards Salvation. Our path to Salvation is defined by us when we take the first step. There is no pre-defined path for any one of us to Salvation. Paths of others serve as an inspiration for us on individual basis to define our path by walking it. Learning about path of others, prepares us for to create our own path by taking the first step. Path to salvation is similar to flight of a bird in open skies or fish in water that does not leave any footsteps behind it.

All that we read or hear about salvation based on other’s experience is second hand truth, like fragrance of a blooming flower described in words. When fragrance is defined in words, simplicity is lost in meaning we assign to words used to describe fragrance. Truth is Simple that does not require intellect. Therefore, truth described in words serves as mere inspiration to us. Truth cannot be given by one person to another, just like one person cannot breathe for another person.

When with pure intent we read and listen to words of truth, we draw inspiration. Inspiration to invoke our innermost supreme desire to be free to be aware, observe and absorb omnipresent truth to walk on path of our salvation.

When we come face to face with omnipresent truth, a part of our mind becomes free. Thoughts that created attachment transform into love in presence of omnipresent truth. Truth as Guru (Gu-darkness, Ru-light) than leads us from darkness to light, paving path of salvation. One such truth is fragility of our existence. Let us review one example of omnipresent truth and its potency to transform thoughts of darkness to light to set ourselves free one thought at a time.

Our existence as humans is multidimensional. In context of this article, we will explore truth through two dimensions of our existence. In physical dimension with form we exist as a body. In formless dimension we exist as breath. Our body is mainly composed of bones, muscles, blood and organs that all have a unique form. Our breath, space between various body parts is formless. It is true that our physical strength comes from coming together of muscles, bones and vitality of organs. It is also true that we can nourish our body according to our choice and preferences how we want to use our body. Now, bring in the formless dimension of breath into consideration and its role in strength of our physical form. Our physical dimension with form is totally reliant on breath as formless dimension. Without breath, a muscular body, with strong bones and most vital organs carries no strength or power. Our physical body without breath is of no use to us and others, for which reason a human body without breath is either buried in ground to turn into dirt or burnt to handful of ashes. Does this not imply that our true strength is lies in our formless dimension as breath? Breath supports human body like hidden structure of a high rise building. Our formless breath is the pillar of our existence in human body. Without the pillar of formless breath our body collapses like a rag doll.

Breath is priceless, as it is given to all living beings and no one can guarantee their next breath. Number of breaths anyone of us will take are unknown. This unknown is the reason for anxiousness of human beings who are not awake to the omnipresent truth speaking through it.

Yet, this reality can be the most beautiful Truth for the one who is aware of breath and observes it. We are the living omnipresent truth in form of our breath. Observing our breath shall reveal the omnipresent truth that we are fragile. In one moment we can be dancing and the next moment we can be heap of dirt. Not knowing how many more breaths we have remaining, shall we be worried, angry or attached? Shall this truth that we have only one moment to live as one breath, frees us of all worries, anger and attachments. Is our each breath, not out last breath? Do we not have clear choice to fill each breath with what serves our existence the best? Does omnipresent truth that our existence is fragile, we are vulnerable and delicate not supposed to fill each moment of our life with humility, mindfulness, compassion, kindness and total stillness quieting the chaotic mind? Is Truth not potent enough to set us free?

Let us fully absorb in the omnipresent truth to set ourselves free from thoughts of worries, anger and attachments. When we are detached, we are free to pave our own path to Salvation guided by omnipresent truth as Guru.

The Omnipresent formless truth is our essence. Until we are not aware of our essence, we are not worth much. Feeling of worthlessness will keep biting us internally as long as we seek our worth outside of us. This paradox taints perspective of our own existence to create truth out of what is not true. We struggle silently trying to distinguish the real from the unreal, the truth from the lie. We struggle because we are ourselves not real without being aware of our own essence. We do exist without being aware of our essence, but it is similar to a rose without fragrance.

Can you imagine a rose without fragrance being real? A rose is not rose because of it color, shape, texture or size. Decorative plastic roses in our living room can have same colors, shape and texture that a rose in garden does. Yet, without fragrance we do not consider the plastic flower in our living room to be real. For a flower its essence is its fragrance. Without fragrance, it looks like a rose, yet it is not a real rose.

Without being aware of our essence, we are decorative plastic roses in a living room. We exist as humans, but our existence is not real. Formless fragrance of rose flower is its essence. For us humans, our physical existence is in our form, but our essence is formless omnipresent truth as Guru that leads unto itself.

Only being aware of our true essence makes us real. When we remain aware of our true essence while doing everything we do including eating, drinking, working or sleeping, we live as the omnipresent truth, as eternal fearless beings beyond the realm of time and space.








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