Meditation: Essence of Our Existence

“Meditation is must for everyone” is an adage most of us are familiar with. There are definitely benefits of meditation. Yet, understanding basics of meditation is must before jumping into unknown world of meditation. In fact, treading into unknown dimension of self is meditation that brings into our awareness a higher dimension of our existence... Continue Reading →


Quantifiable by any means? If yes, It is not your Essence Not at ALL ! Power, Money, Affluence Age, Awards, Honors Body, House, Toys. "Anything with FORM Is a products of time."  All FORMS expires Time Consumes what it produces "Timeless is your essence, Discover yourself, Find the greatest Treasure That you ARE!"

Gold and Diamonds

There is a Treasure In each one of US.   Dig, Dig  for Gold and Diamonds In everyone. Riches will follow You Like a shadow. You will be left with No enemies in life No bads in life. Dig, Dig, Dig Only for what makes You Rich.

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