My Shadows

My shadow comes from me. My shadow is there because of my physical form and my abilities. All that is through me in my life, are my shadows, My shadows includes the education i acquired, the job that earns money, the money that brings my possessions, my possessions and achievements that bring pride, my earning makes be capable to support my family, my children and community. I claim all these shadows to be mine that I worked hard for. Thus my world is created by me that include things and few thousand people that I will interact with directly in my life. This vision of world, excludes everything outside of my tiny world on the canvas of universe.

My shadows seem to run in front of me. The faster I run, the faster my shadows move. I fail to capture, contain and retain my shadows. A foolish pursuit in itself keeps me empty handed. These shadows are either expanding or diminishing, moving in no specific direction that dictates my path in life. I expands and diminishes with these shadows as these shadows are measure of my existence and many a times I feel one with my shadows. A little change in my shadow causes huge turbulence in my thoughts experienced as emotions.

Sometimes, it feels I am directing my shadows in front of me and at times it feels these shadows are leading me.

Hold on for a moment. Pause. Pause.

Are my shadows because “I am” or because there is a source of light behind me to which I have turned my back in my pursuit of shadows. If there was no source of light, all my shadows will cease to exist and all my efforts will end in vain. Really?

Aha! My shadows are because of the light behind me. Let me turn back and look at the light. Now my shadow follows me. I am not running after shadows. All that I think, I have as my shadows is because of light! Right dude? Why not pursue the source of light?

As I approach the source of light and ultimately when the source of light is above my head, my shadow is under my feet.

Lesson: The shadows are the material world we create on our own by collecting by our individual pursuits. Pursuing consistently shadows creates the belief that my world is from me, because of me. This falsified notions of ownership creates attachment syncing us with material things (shadows) that constantly fluctuate.  Thus we become unstable, with a mind that wavers like turbulent ocean in a storm. Follow the source because of which I and my things are, to bring about stability, clarity and peace.



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