Are you a mystic?

Depending on thoughts we choose, movement as spoken words are heard. Spoken words have potential of further movement as action. Action(s) as movement creates things with varying forms, shapes and sizes. These things include all that human have created on planet earth and space and can be experienced through five senses. These things are the material things that occupy space and have expiration date. This means material things are not everlasting, therefore concept of time is needed. Collection of material things forms the material world as we know it. Material world is created by movement and so is time. Time is self-imposed constraint in which material world is restricted.


One who is unaware of movement as essence of material world and time as self-imposed constraint is materialistic. A materialistic does not understand nature of material world, identifies with material things and this, is consumed by material world. A materialistic entangled in movements remains in constant state of flux, moving further away from essence of all movements – stillness.  Material things are end results of movements that are impermanent in nature. When consumed by material things, a materialistic considers everything impermanent and within bounds of time. Impermanence is root of fear. In fear, one consumes more than their needs leading to imbalances in personal life and at community levels adversely impacting environment, natural resources and planet. Material world is result of movements, thus everything in material world is relative. Success, happiness, pain, wealth, fame, etc. are all relative. Material world needs comparison. Material world is thus duality, just like our mind. Material world is end results of our minds manifesting themselves. Material world is not absolute. Material world delivers no assurances. Material world as one movement does not quench seeking of human curiosity. Materialism feeds sense of an inner shallowness, an inner lack, an inner void and an inner feeling of wanting more, the more one acquires.  Here in lies great opportunity. The inner turmoil is actually a door through material world leading unto awareness of unknown existence called mystery. One who walks through this door is a mystic. A mystic seeks to quieten inner turmoil. A mystic is aware and accepts inner shallowness, lack and void consuming life energy like a black hole. A mystic seeks the unknown. A mystic understand unknown is greater than known. A mystic seeks the greater.


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