The Perfect Moment


The perfect moment is revealing itself and constantly seeking us, to be our eternal life. Perfect moment is always here, as it is eternal. When all moments are perfect, our life which is collection of numerous perfect moments, becomes perfect. Eternal perfection is starting point of our life and our life is meant to return unto perfection. The whole existence participates in this divine play of perfection, yet most of us are oblivion to perfection. I wonder why? I wonder who is pulling us away from the perfect moment.

Any interruption to eternal perfection by us as mind (thought), creates a perceived break in perfection. Our mind in first step, creates break in eternal perfection to register its presence in form of ego.  The first step is birth of mind. In second step mind amplifies its presence by doing something to fix the break under the notion of seeking perfection. The bigger the seeking, the larger is the presence of mind. The declared seeking of the mind is of perfect moment, the truth, the God, the consciousness and everything in-between including all material things. Big words draw bigger attention and mind successfully establishes its presence as me and you in this break from the perfect moment. Big words make big noise drawing attention instantaneously.

When we identify ourselves as mind, we start churning, like spiraling water in a vortex. The downward spiral of thoughts spins faster and faster until it runs out of energy. As one vortex vanishes, a new vortex arises and the cycle continues. Our life becomes vortex of thoughts without stability. Vortex of thoughts creates great things of life that we bind ourselves to protect, guard and fight for. No matter how powerful our vortex of thoughts is, in the end it still vanishes. Vortex of thoughts are non-sustainable because mind as source of vortex of thoughts is not interested in creating a sustainable, stable perfect moment. Under the falsified notion of seeking perfection, mind as us propagates its silent agenda to drive us away from the perfect moment to which we belong. Mind is interested in creating noise to gather attention for self-gratification. The great noise of mind is blindness to our truth that we are not the mind, nor the body. The great noise of the mind is darkness in which we cannot see our truth as the eternal perfect moment. The great noise of the mind keeps us in claws of ulterior motives of our master; the mind.

In the break from perfect moment everything happens that we experience due to separation from perfect moment. Everything that happens in this phase impermanent. Everything that happens is noise of mind. Birth happens, death happens, happiness happens, pain happens, misery happens, joy happens, peace happens, bliss happens, success happens, failures happens. Enlightenment also happens in this break. Break from perfection is happening of big and small things that we see all around us. All that we experience through our senses is from womb of the mind to sustain its existence. A limited existence requiring effort. A limited existence of scarcity, lack and fear. When we are one with our mind, we become deaf and blind in our own noise. We are not aware of true nature of things. We are in a lucid dream where everything appears real and we treat it as such. In this lucid dream, everything constantly eludes us. Everything is transient that we cannot hold onto.

Perfect moment is eternal when we allow it to be. Eternal perfect moment is revealed when we are able to disassociate ourselves from our mind; the source of vortex of thoughts, the source of noise seeking attention and self-gratification. Disassociation from mind is waking up from the lucid dream of seeking the perfect moment, seeking the perfect life, seeking truth, seeking bliss, seeking God, seeking enlightenment. The eternal perfect moment is neither muslin nor Christian, is neither black nor white, is neither feminine nor masculine, is neither bliss nor misery, and is neither ignorance nor enlightenment. We are no vortex of thoughts. We are the ocean in which the vortex of thoughts rises and vanishes. This is realized upon getting beaten, tired and frustrated by noises of the mind. This is the third step that we need to take, trumping all noises of our mind. In this step we start awakening to our eternal nature of totality in which there is no experience, no fragments, no me and you, no seeking and seeker.

In other words, the perfect moment is all inclusive. It is absolute. We simply need to accept the perfect moment. We simply needs to let eternal perfect moment to imbue us in itself.

We all are the eternal perfect moment. We simply Are.  We are no religion, no color, no nationality, no masculinity, no this or that. We are.


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