Every thought we think, is highly potent with capability to take physical form in our life, if we choose to do so, consciously or sub-consciously. Everything with a form that we perceive through our five senses was a thought that we manifested. This means all forms come from thoughts. Collection of thoughts is called mind. Thus, everything with a form originated from a mind. Notice, how our mind does not hold still in a single thought. Our mind is constantly changing. Mind changes thoughts like we change clothes of different styles, colors and fabrics from our wardrobe. Memory is wardrobe of each mind. We all have unique minds as wardrobes (memory) of our minds are different.
Further, you will notice everything with a form has a time stamp, as everything with a form is time bound, thus impermanent. No matter how splendid, wonderful and great any form might be, one day it will disappear. Look at things around you. Things that you see were not there yesterday. Things that you see now, will not be there tomorrow. Things that are not here today, will appear tomorrow. Look at your body, it was not here at point in time. It is here now. It will not be here at some point. We created our body through our thoughts. We are creating and destroying things in our world all the time. We are creating our happiness, our pain and our suffering.
.Our mind is definitely very powerful. Our mind is creator of our reality. We are writing our own story. Though, all that our mind manifests is impermanent. This impermanence is our real pain. This impermanence is our fear. All impermanence is result of various colors (thoughts) coming together in a pattern (habits) on blank canvas to form a shape, called a painting. The painting is impermanence and the canvas underneath is permanence. Clouds forming and dissolving in blue sky are impermanence, whereas the blank sky is permanence. When clouds (thoughts or mind) dissolves in vastness of the sky, the sky remains, permanence remains.
Our world that we perceive as form is impermanence. This impermanence is called illusion as it is true only for a moment. A moment could be a second, year, decade or century. What is always true is truth. There are infinite forms that are “TRUE”, but there is only one “TRUTH”. Underneath all forms is permanence. Underneath all minds is one permanence. Until our mind is manifesting, it remains tangled in its own web of illusions. Even wisdom from such a churning mind is an illusion. Such wisdom is like light in hands of a blind. TRUTH is revealed, when all illusions (TRUE) vanish, when our mind ceases to be the doer and does not stand in way of Truth.
Comprehend above words. Notice these words are also a form. Words are perishable. The moment you turn off your computer, they will disappear. Words are impermanence. Words are movement. Do not hold onto these words. These words are pointers. Words as form is feasible because of emptiness they are resting on. The emptiness is the blank computer screen. Emptiness is stillness. Without stillness, there cannot be any movement.
Emptiness is seeking of all forms. Seek.

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