Day 17: Warrior of light – Clarity

The Warrior does not rest for too long, as the next opportunity to fight the battle with own mind raises its head. The warrior's sword of awareness cannot afford to collect dust and rust over time. When life is smooth and rosy, or turbulent and rough, the warrior maintains the same demeanor of calm by... Continue Reading →


Day 16: Warrior of light – Miracles

Amusing and mysterious life is full of miracles. The warrior holds to this truth on battle field of mind to rise above all conflicts, emotional tsunamis and ruins of past. Miracles reveal themselves to a still warrior, with subtleness of unfurling rose petals. Each revelation about self, is blooming of awareness. The Warrior knows he... Continue Reading →

Day 15: Warrior of light – Power of stillness

The Warrior with attention turned inwards, views the world as a reflection of inner self. The warrior as a still vast sky watches all that appears and disappears like clouds. The physical world outside and concurrent thoughts inside, appear and disappear like clouds, moon, stars, sun in the sky. The warrior knows everyone is on... Continue Reading →

Day 14: Warrior of light – Opportunities

The Warrior on journey of awareness receives affirmations time and again, that opportunities appear in disguise as problems. The Warrior's dharma is not to resist, but remain aware and avail the opportunity to transform thoughts of darkness into light. In toughest of situations, the warrior remain anchored to awareness, supreme happiness bursts like a fountain... Continue Reading →

Day 13: Warrior of light – Awareness

The warrior learns new chapters from the tree of life. Lessons like ripe sweet delicious fruits fall into lap of gratitude. Sweet juices of revelations helps the warrior see beyond the surface. The pain behind the fake happiness, the vulnerability behind the masks of ego, the ever unstable mind changing like chameleon. A world in... Continue Reading →

Day 12: Warrior of light – Duality

The warrior knows the imminent traps of duality. Mind dwells in duality, feeds on duality, thrives on duality, this duality is called intellect mind. The warrior knows all that he acquires through five senses with attention turned outwards is intellect. Intellect is merely for survival as physical being. No matter how magnificent intellect is, it... Continue Reading →

Day 10: Warrior of light – Rainy days

On rainy days of setbacks and failures, the warrior takes shelter in company of best friends namely, self-love and self-respect. Warrior's friends provide shelter from thoughts swirling as emotional tornadoes and anxiety vortexes. Emotional tornadoes uproot from inner light and anxiety vortexes bury alive. The warrior is exhausted by high waves of oceanic thoughts of... Continue Reading →

Day 9: Warrior of light – Awake, alert and aware

The warrior wields sword of wisdom, uttering soft words of conviction filled with confidence to offer new perspectives. Often, the inner light does not align with firmly held non-serving beliefs. Warrior's inner light does not bend seeking acknowledgment or approval. Warrior's inner light shines without compromising in face of criticism by his conditioned mind. The... Continue Reading →

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