Day 1 ; Warrior of light – Lessons

Mind is the battle field of the warrior.

Thoughts are weaponry

Truth is the sword

Wisdom is the bow

Actions are arrows

Kindness and compassion shield of protection

Ignorance is enemy on path of truth to light

Life is an opportunity to be victorious over mind to go beyond the mind to discover eternal splendor of life

A warrior is always grateful to difficult situations, people and pains that appear as enemies in life and stand as mountains in path of the warrior. A warrior sees every enemy as a teacher who has come down to pass a lesson to make the warrior wise and impart new life skills. A warrior loves enemies, because enemies offer a chance for the warrior’s sword of courage to shine through

A warrior sees every enemy as an opportunity to learn and grow in a new dimension. A warrior does not bow in fear. Rather shows gratitude by fighting with grace and a kind heart to learn and teach at the same time. To the warrior, winning and losing are immaterial.

A warrior does not fight to make the enemies looks small, but to pave path for healing wounded heart. A warrior does not fight out of revenge or hatred. A warrior fights with generosity and a loving heart to create, not destroy. When the enemy learns the valuable lesson along with the warrior, the task of the warrior is accomplished; until then sword of the warrior does not rest in scabbard.


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