Day 3: Warrior of light – In Unknown

In middle of chaos the warrior in solitude, relaxes in cocoon of thoughts of wisdom. The warrior drinks from fountain of silence, progressively growing in stillness. Inaction and silence of thoughts in battle field of mind are sweet. The warrior knows in bigger scheme of things, conflict with loved ones is a mere drop of ink in flowing river of life. The drop of ink will disappear in flow of life. Conflicting opinions and thoughts cause disagreement as an opportunity to learn and grow. The warrior knows, if rising conflict brings anger to the battlefield of mind, fountain of silence will stop flowing and opportunity to grow will be lost. Wisdom tells the warrior fear and anger of rejection cause anger. Fear and anger arise from worry. Worry rises from focusing on what has not transpired or might never transpire.

The warrior knows that loved ones might not walk hand in hand all the times. The warrior knows desire and expectation from others are cravings of flawed mind that do not live in present moment. Unknown is fuel for the warrior; a mold of freedom from which life arises. The freedom to paint the vast canvas of life with colors of choice. The crayons are the colors of valor and gratitude won in inner battles with ignorance. The warrior known how to remain new and fresh by rising from womb of self-love.

The warrior embraces unknown because known is boring and mundane. Known is comfort zone. The warrior meets many teachers in arms of the unknown. The unknown path of warrior is being carved with each rising thought of acceptance and gratitude. The only known for the warrior is constant change and familiar face of enemy within. The warrior is enchanted by the beauty of the unknown and the fruits of joy in every moment.


Mind is the battle field of the warrior.

Thoughts are weaponry

Truth is the sword

Wisdom is the bow

Actions are arrows

Kindness and compassion shield of protection

Ignorance is enemy on path of truth to light

Life is an opportunity to be victorious over mind to go beyond the mind to discover eternal splendor of life



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