Day 4: Warrior of light – battlefield

The warrior knows on the battlefield fearlessness is greatest virtue. Holding onto sword of truth and letting the sharp wisdom of the sword cut through illusions, the warrior is able to stay calm, strong, filled with courage, valor and integrity. The warrior knows weaknesses and failures are greatest opportunity for revolutionary total inner transformation. The warrior fights honestly, accepting weaknesses and failures without any regrets. Honesty and acceptance are greatest strength of a warrior.
There is inner peace in self-love, by letting the sword of truth cut through clouds of worry, stress, anxiety and fear for sun of wisdom to shine. This paves path for Warrior’s attention to move further inwards with agility and swiftness to awaken the light within.
Some battles leave the warrior little more tired and weary, than others. The warrior knows in such times agitation and anger will surface, as impurities that would have otherwise remain buried forever. This is the time when the warrior goes into retreat phase to rest, reflect and rejuvenate by connecting to the source of abundance within bringing the true self back to the center. Once the warrior fully comprehend the reasons for failure, wisdom leads attention to severe strings of attachment to agitation, anger and other such impurities that emanated from self-judgement set upon illusion of perfection.  Freedom helps the warrior think clearly and energizes the warrior to return to the battle field to spread light one more time. In meditation, the warrior reconditions his weaponry with love, gratitude, forgiveness, courage, valor, charisma, kindness, fearlessness and the big smile that has made his journey wonderful and his battles with self, legendary.
The warrior knows battlefield of mind is his home, until the purpose of awakening to empower self is fulfilled. The warrior knows the greatest treasure lies beneath the battles with the mind.


Mind is the battle field of the warrior.

Thoughts are weaponry

Truth is the sword

Wisdom is the bow

Actions are arrows

Kindness and compassion shield of protection

Ignorance is enemy on path of truth to light

“Life is an opportunity to be victorious over mind to go beyond the mind to discover eternal splendor of life”


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