Day 14: Warrior of light – Opportunities

The Warrior on journey of awareness receives affirmations time and again, that opportunities appear in disguise as problems. The Warrior’s dharma is not to resist, but remain aware and avail the opportunity to transform thoughts of darkness into light. In toughest of situations, the warrior remain anchored to awareness, supreme happiness bursts like a fountain from within.
For the warrior, every obstacle is an opportunity for inner growth. For the Warrior to serve in love, it is important to be aware, unperturbed and not get blown away by the storms of life. The Warrior remains awake, aware and alert in storms looking for the chance to cut through the darkness with sword of love. Love and light from inner wisdom shines through to blind the demons of dark thoughts. 
The warrior remains grateful and blessed on battlefield of mind, drawing strength from aligning with the truth that sustains the universe. The Warrior welcomes the storms with open arms and a love filled heart. One battle at a time and one storm at a time, until the warrior is victorious over his mind. 

Mind is the battle field of the warrior.

Thoughts are weaponry

Truth is the sword

Wisdom is the bow

Actions are arrows

Kindness and compassion shield of protection

Ignorance is enemy on path of truth to light

“Life is an opportunity to be victorious over mind to go beyond the mind to discover eternal splendor of life”


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