Day 15: Warrior of light – Power of stillness

The Warrior with attention turned inwards, views the world as a reflection of inner self. The warrior as a still vast sky watches all that appears and disappears like clouds. The physical world outside and concurrent thoughts inside, appear and disappear like clouds, moon, stars, sun in the sky.

The warrior knows everyone is on path of their inner transformation are meant to help the warrior to expand into space of gratitude, kindness and peace. The warrior knows that everyone has chosen their path of inner transformation from the level of their awareness. With compassion and equanimity the warrior approaches everyone with focus on goodness in all, including what appears to be evil on surface.

The warrior fights with valor in battlefield of his mind. Rising above limits of the mind is the only reward.

The Warrior understands, anticipation of a definite outcome of his actions is self-serving and victory of the mind. The Dharma of the Warrior is be beacon of light and allow others to find their path to victory over their own mind. Amidst the turmoil and chaos in his mind, stirred by outside world, the Warrior anchors to his essence – the still, vast and open sky that does not own anything, but everything belongs to it.

The warrior is grateful to awareness to be able to see the world beyond the surface. The warrior is kind to self in awareness, not letting his mind attach to expectations from others. The warrior is peace in awareness, not trying to follow thoughts in his mind. The warrior bows to the power emanating from stillness inside.



Mind is the battle field of the warrior.

Thoughts are weaponry

Truth is the sword

Wisdom is the bow

Actions are arrows

Kindness and compassion shield of protection

Ignorance is enemy on path of truth to light

“Life is an opportunity to be victorious over mind to go beyond the mind to discover eternal splendor of life”



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