This blog is meant to inspire, heal and empower. All postings on this blog are based on my journey of becoming a human being. I try my best to write as a human being, rising above my nationality, ethnicity, race, gender, religion, social status and anything else that ties me down.

No matter where we are, how we are and what we are, we are still human beings at our core. Being human is a privilege. Being humane is an honor. Celebrating humanity is  festival of life. Let us honor each other as human beings.

Always remember, each human being is free to choose “thoughts” about self, others and situations. If part of being human is getting stuck in pain, facing setback and suffer, other part of being human is much greater than first part. The greater part is the “freedom to choose” to rise above all sufferings by inspiring each other with words backed by actions. The greatest part is to heal, leading to empowerment.


Made up of two Indian words—San (meaning “self”) and Yog (meaning “union”)—the term Sanyog was created to describe the state where our mind, body, and spirit are all in alignment with the cosmic law or Hukam of the Creator. Here self is the highest state of being, which is the divine or God or creator. This ideal state has its polar opposite in the term Viyog, which describes the state of being cut off from unity with the divine or God or creator. The state of Viyog implies a break from unity with the natural laws, defiance of which causes pain in life.

A SanYogee is the one who is in state of SanYog or seeks such a state.

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