The Singing Bowl

Life is an eternal song of truth in awe, filled with melodies of awareness, joy, detachment and compassion playing on its own. We are here to simply listen to this song with all our being. To remain mesmerized in eternal song of truth, is Dharma (religion) of all beings. To remain attuned to eternal song... Continue Reading →



Attachment (moh) is the cause of our sufferings. Attachment makes us dotty due to our reliance on illusion (Maya). Maya is our reliance on impermanent human life and all impermanence our life pursuits earn. As such core of our doings is filled with expectations and desires for some sort of return. When our desires or... Continue Reading →

Shabad Guru

My decade long relentless quest for a self-sustainable method of eternal happiness kept me exploring and experimenting with different, expensive, non-sustainable healing modalities, meditation techniques, spiritual practices, rituals, various teachings, until I found what I was looking for in form of Shabad-Guru.


Often we do not seek what is imminent, as it will shatter our illusions about our pain and suffering like a deck of cards. The greatest irony of human life is under utilization of brain capable of immense potential to demystify the mysterious game of life. When we play game of life without understanding the... Continue Reading →

Awakening to one universal truth

  Who likes to wake up from a dream? Definitely, those who do not like to live in separation from the truth and suffer in dream state called life. Definitely, not many who like to give up a dream to wake up to the truth. The truth that governs the whole existence and is formless,... Continue Reading →

A Beautiful Dream

If we see things as right or wrong, it implies we have lost our ability to see ourselves in what we see. To know truth about self and everything else, that does not appear as self, we need to stand outside of what is right or wrong to see ourselves in what we see. Standing... Continue Reading →

Who Am I?

If we need to go to places, it requires we move from one point to another. We can either walk, run or fly. There is another movement happening inside us with or without physical movement. This movement is essence of our individual existence that determines our journey while we have physical body and when we... Continue Reading →

An Infinite mind in awe – Gurmukh

When a system fulfills its purpose, it becomes extinct, transforms or paves way for a newer system. ¬†Every system, be it a school system, political system, economic system, religious or spiritual system that exists today did not always exist (past) and will not always exist (in future).¬†Impermanence of systems created by finite minds leaves no... Continue Reading →

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