Love is born

On Altar of ignorance, Truth is worshipped, Possessed By mortality of disciples. Reverence out of fear. Thus, Religion is born.     In Oblivion Truthful seeks truth Understanding through Comprehension Without fear of ownership Thus, Love is born.

Long Shadows

What remains at last? Now? Faint questions?   What exists? What is?   Words, speech, actions: Long shadows of thought? A creeper plant? What fruit it bears?   Without thought, Does long shadows Of words, speech, actions remain? Evil and pious no more? Birth and death no more? Formless, infinite God no more?   Without... Continue Reading →

I am your life

I am your life. No need to explain me. No book contains me. I have no religion, No race, no nationality. I am not success, nor failure. I am not masculine, nor feminine. I am not born, nor do I die. I am unknown, without you. Listen to me speak. Listen sincerely!   I am... Continue Reading →

Shackles of mind

“Truth, O’ Truth I abide”, The king and the pauper says. ~ Holy books, scriptures Words of wisdom, The Enlightened recite. ~ Steadfast In shackles Of greedy thoughts. Truth not guide thee’ No salvation. ~ Blinded In soot of mortal desires. Deepens the pain. No respite. ~ If mind is your husband Hungry you are... Continue Reading →

Rivers of Grace

Those who are awake, Are flowing rivers of grace. Followed by oceans of wisdom.   Those who are awake Hold onto nothing, Neither knowledge nor bliss, Not even their bodies.   Those who are awake, Are without shadows, Of past or future thoughts They are the light of Now. Thus, No fire of life can... Continue Reading →


We stand In One Universal Truth, We are because of One Universal Truth.   The only reason we do not know One Universal Truth is "We are not aware of Our presence In One Universal Truth."   If We are not aware Of our presence relative To our surroundings The sky meets earth at horizon... Continue Reading →

An Immortal

An Immortal Born once Dies again and again Afraid of life Cries, rejects imminent death   An Immortal Caged in mortal beliefs Chained in thoughts Of illusion and darkness Sleeps in daylight   An Immortal; The king – asleep on his throne Begs for riches in his dream Fear guards Door to an immortal life... Continue Reading →


If you are “wise” Changing the world is easy   Remember You are always free to choose   Choose to rise What serves you best   Be an Altruistic In your words and in your action   Choose to change “Your expectations of them”   Be the gold you seek Hold yourself to Gold standard... Continue Reading →

The Truth

Fall Never fall For beautiful words devoid of truth   Worshipping beautiful words Devoid of truth Is equivalent to drinking sweet Poison From gold goblet Studded with pearls and rubies   Until We do not hold truth in highest place We will fail to recognize Deceptive shallowness Behind Colorful tapestry weaved by Thoughts of greed... Continue Reading →

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