Note to Self

I totally Awake? No, NO-T I claim NOT I expect NOT I boundless NOT I Judge NOT “I” NOT? Possibly KNOT NOT ! Note Please.


Open Eye in Darkness

If the greatest powers of the world feels powerless in moments of truth of death,   Why seeking the power that intimidates truth of death is not an immediate and top priority of human life? Is a human life wielding greatest power and yet powerless not an open eye in darkness?

Gold and Diamonds

There is a Treasure In each one of US.   Dig, Dig  for Gold and Diamonds In everyone. Riches will follow You Like a shadow. You will be left with No enemies in life No bads in life. Dig, Dig, Dig Only for what makes You Rich.

Witness In Awe

We are the world We are the love, we are the hate We are the peace, we are the war We are the bliss, we are the pain We accept, we reject ourselves In the same breath.   Alas! STOP dying at hands of yourself Take a fresh breath, reinvent yourself   Discover yourself. We... Continue Reading →


Alcohol and drugs Are most obvious intoxicants Known to my mind.   There are intoxicants Worse than Alcohol and drugs Unnoticed Like a dagger in a cloak.   Intoxication makes me blind.   Attachment is the biggest intoxicant   My mind intoxicated In peace, bliss, truth is feeble In attachment with intoxicants so nice.  ... Continue Reading →


Yes. Yes. Yes. The daredevil mind That can stand nature In embrace of The omnipresent truth Awakens to "Nothing belongs to me I owe nothing" Is stripped of thoughts of "me, mine and yours" forever!


Curiosity - Throne of an open mind Questions - Pillars of the wise Humility - Empty bowl (mind) of a Buddha Words - Footprints of inner peace   Rich - The man whose soul is awake   Actions - Nourishment like a quiet river   Blessed - The eye that can recognize “The Rich one”... Continue Reading →

Be You

Freedom, Begs you to be Fearless to be eternally free.   Peace, Prays you to be always Calm, Serene and awake.   Power, Beckons you to harness Strength of your limitless soul.   Bliss, Kneels to you in humility To be alive, wise and arise   Greatness. Greets you at door of salvation Believe yourself... Continue Reading →


BE who you are NOT What you ARE NOT   Greed of Acceptance and appreciation From others Strips you of all powers   You ARE Beyond powerful Created As an image of the creator!

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