Day 10: Warrior of light – Rainy days

On rainy days of setbacks and failures, the warrior takes shelter in company of best friends namely, self-love and self-respect. Warrior's friends provide shelter from thoughts swirling as emotional tornadoes and anxiety vortexes. Emotional tornadoes uproot from inner light and anxiety vortexes bury alive. The warrior is exhausted by high waves of oceanic thoughts of... Continue Reading →


Day 9: Warrior of light – Awake, alert and aware

The warrior wields sword of wisdom, uttering soft words of conviction filled with confidence to offer new perspectives. Often, the inner light does not align with firmly held non-serving beliefs. Warrior's inner light does not bend seeking acknowledgment or approval. Warrior's inner light shines without compromising in face of criticism by his conditioned mind. The... Continue Reading →

Day 8: Warrior of light – Pain of others

Today the warrior felt pain of a loved one, but self-respecting warrior knows that holding onto loved one’s pain does not help anyone. The warrior knows is it okay to not be in pain, when a loved one is in pain. In fact, to remain detached is love. Detachment, compassion and love towards self helps the... Continue Reading →

Day 7: Warrior of light – Celebration

The warrior of light celebrates the loss of those fighting against him as the losses are actually victories of the loser. Fighting the warrior is fighting with your own self. The warrior is the messenger of the light that also shines inside everyone. Those who are up in arms against the warrior of light are... Continue Reading →

Day 6: Warrior of light – Fights Fears

Spreading light is Dharma of every warrior, as shadowy thoughts make every futile effort to stop the warriors in their tracks. Worldly thoughts of ignorance fail see Sun of wisdom. In gratitude Warrior's as awareness sees past all the walls of separation and pits of fear. The fear approaches the warrior in many forms: the... Continue Reading →

Day 5: Warrior of light – Kingdom of love

Standing in front of tall mirror, the warrior notices the smile on face reminiscent of inner lit light house has gone. The warrior knows importance of fully acknowledging this experience in physical and mental bodies. The warrior notices racing mind and it feels likes million thoughts. The warrior stays aware of the dark clouds of... Continue Reading →

Day 4: Warrior of light – battlefield

The warrior knows on the battlefield fearlessness is greatest virtue. Holding onto sword of truth and letting the sharp wisdom of the sword cut through illusions, the warrior is able to stay calm, strong, filled with courage, valor and integrity. The warrior knows weaknesses and failures are greatest opportunity for revolutionary total inner transformation. The... Continue Reading →

Day 3: Warrior of light – In Unknown

In middle of chaos the warrior in solitude, relaxes in cocoon of thoughts of wisdom. The warrior drinks from fountain of silence, progressively growing in stillness. Inaction and silence of thoughts in battle field of mind are sweet. The warrior knows in bigger scheme of things, conflict with loved ones is a mere drop of... Continue Reading →

Day 2; Warrior of light – Holds the light

  The warrior is peaceful in face of situations that seem to curtail the freedom of the soul. The warrior condoles for the moment and prays for rising of the soul’s magnificence. The warrior does not let momentarily loss of freedom slow the journey, rather the warrior draws from adverse situations remaining detached. The warrior... Continue Reading →

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