If you are “wise” Changing the world is easy   Remember You are always free to choose   Choose to rise What serves you best   Be an Altruistic In your words and in your action   Choose to change “Your expectations of them”   Be the gold you seek Hold yourself to Gold standard... Continue Reading →

The Truth

Fall Never fall For beautiful words devoid of truth   Worshipping beautiful words Devoid of truth Is equivalent to drinking sweet Poison From gold goblet Studded with pearls and rubies   Until We do not hold truth in highest place We will fail to recognize Deceptive shallowness Behind Colorful tapestry weaved by Thoughts of greed... Continue Reading →

A Beautiful Dream

If we see things as right or wrong, it implies we have lost our ability to see ourselves in what we see. To know truth about self and everything else, that does not appear as self, we need to stand outside of what is right or wrong to see ourselves in what we see. Standing... Continue Reading →


Beauty Is a beautiful concept. Concealed under Misconceptions, Powers of soul-less mind.   Liberty dares, To shatter the mold of time. Crack open the code of beauty   Rise O’ beautiful mind, Beyond visible eye, Explore the beauty inside.   Visible Is shadow of the invisible truth. If beauty can be held, In thoughts of... Continue Reading →


Neither mind Nor heart need to learn No matter how you define these too We humans and All of the existence is Formless intelligence Coming together on its own To give itself form, shape and size Perceived, defined and argued over For eons   All is known To humans and rest of the existence It... Continue Reading →

Wake Up

So-called life is a dream Let me tell you how Life is a dream Because we are NOT in control   Things happen When they happen The way they happen As in a dream   If life is a dream, then Why we fight, kill and are afraid of life? Why we hate, smear and... Continue Reading →

Onus is on the wise

When light meets light Light remains When light meet darkness Light remains   When two wise meet Peaceful silence prevails   When ignorant meets wise Restless silence dawns   Onus is always on the wise   If the wise chooses To argue, ignorance prevails If the wise chooses To speak purely, wisdom prevails    ... Continue Reading →


Do I see Things as right or wrong? Am I able To see myself in what I see? If I am able to stand outside I see myself In what I see I will see Two of me One being right The other being wrong   Are there two of me? Nah! No, it cannot... Continue Reading →


Dark night of desires Has swallowed light of human life   Relentless left hand fights the right Mind on left, heart on right see not eye to eye Chants of follow me, follow me Echoes in black hole of unconsciousness   A truly reckless family affair   Each time human life Walks heavy on blade... Continue Reading →

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