Truth is Freedom

We often hear that Truth can set us free. Deep down we all want to be free. Though, this innate, innermost, supreme desire or seeking might not have fully manifested in our living yet. Depending on degree of manifestation of supreme desire to be free in our life, our capability to be aware, observe and... Continue Reading →

Witness In Awe

We are the world We are the love, we are the hate We are the peace, we are the war We are the bliss, we are the pain We accept, we reject ourselves In the same breath.   Alas! STOP dying at hands of yourself Take a fresh breath, reinvent yourself   Discover yourself. We... Continue Reading →

The Singing Bowl

Life is an eternal song of truth in awe, filled with melodies of awareness, joy, detachment and compassion playing on its own. We are here to simply listen to this song with all our being. To remain mesmerized in eternal song of truth, is Dharma (religion) of all beings. To remain attuned to eternal song... Continue Reading →


Alcohol and drugs Are most obvious intoxicants Known to my mind.   There are intoxicants Worse than Alcohol and drugs Unnoticed Like a dagger in a cloak.   Intoxication makes me blind.   Attachment is the biggest intoxicant   My mind intoxicated In peace, bliss, truth is feeble In attachment with intoxicants so nice.  ... Continue Reading →


Yes. Yes. Yes. The daredevil mind That can stand nature In embrace of The omnipresent truth Awakens to "Nothing belongs to me I owe nothing" Is stripped of thoughts of "me, mine and yours" forever!


Attachment (moh) is the cause of our sufferings. Attachment makes us dotty due to our reliance on illusion (Maya). Maya is our reliance on impermanent human life and all impermanence our life pursuits earn. As such core of our doings is filled with expectations and desires for some sort of return. When our desires or... Continue Reading →


Curiosity - Throne of an open mind Questions - Pillars of the wise Humility - Empty bowl (mind) of a Buddha Words - Footprints of inner peace   Rich - The man whose soul is awake   Actions - Nourishment like a quiet river   Blessed - The eye that can recognize “The Rich one”... Continue Reading →

Shabad Guru

My decade long relentless quest for a self-sustainable method of eternal happiness kept me exploring and experimenting with different, expensive, non-sustainable healing modalities, meditation techniques, spiritual practices, rituals, various teachings, until I found what I was looking for in form of Shabad-Guru.

Be You

Freedom, Begs you to be Fearless to be eternally free.   Peace, Prays you to be always Calm, Serene and awake.   Power, Beckons you to harness Strength of your limitless soul.   Bliss, Kneels to you in humility To be alive, wise and arise   Greatness. Greets you at door of salvation Believe yourself... Continue Reading →

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